Social Justice Symposium

It’s prime season for exhibits right now in the Eva B. Dykes Library! In addition to our Breast Cancer Awareness Month display, we’ve also just gained a moving exhibit from this week’s Social Justice Symposium.


The main part of the exhibit are these ballot booths, where you can try taking the test that African-Americans in Louisiana would have faced in 1963 when trying to register to vote.

If you’re not able to come to the library, you can find the same test here. At the end of the test, there’s a page explaining how registrars could (and did) use the confusing and paradoxical questions to fail would-be voters at their discretion. At the Civil Rights Movement Veterans’ site, there are more details about this particular test, and examples of other states’ voting tests.


If these tests have made you appreciate your voting rights even more, but you’re not sure how to register to vote, USA.gov can get you started on that process. Alabama residents might also find the state election center’s site helpful.


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