The Month in Review: Going to the Fair

This month, Oakwood was proud to host a large number of academy students and their chaperones for Oakwood Live! 2015. Throughout the five-day preview, the campus buzzed with excitement and activity as the visitors experienced a food truck fair, a block party, mock classes, and many other events.


Another highlight of Oakwood Live! 2015 was the Academic Fair, which hosted booths from all the academic departments, as well as WJOU (Oakwood’s radio station) and Edible Arrangements (Oakwood’s newest industry, whose revenue helps support student scholarships).

The library never likes to miss out on a party, so of course we were there too.


Our display featured library materials representing a vast array of academic disciplines, as well as pens, candy, bookmarks, copies of The Leaf, and a playlist of TED Talks about the future of libraries. Through these materials, we were able to show future students the wide variety of resources and services the Eva B. Dykes Library could offer them.

Nearly 600 potential Oakwoodites (and over one hundred chaperones) came to campus for Oakwood Live! 2015. Though we probably didn’t talk to them all, we are confident that we made a good start at showing them how libraries can help them succeed. Since library skills are key to academic success, the students who matriculate at Oakwood already knowing about the Eva B. Dykes Library have a valuable skill in hand.

Thanks for coming to visit us, seniors, and best of luck as you finish your year. We’ll see you next fall!


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