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New on Google Scholar: content linking

Google Scholar is beloved by many a researcher for its clean lines and easy-to-use filters. Previously, though, it did have one inconvenience:

scholar vii

Here we see three results for a “sepsis treatment” search. If we wanted to read article #2, we’d be set — a PDF is available from But what about articles #1 and #3? We don’t know if we can access them. We’d have to copy-and-paste the article titles into our library’s databases and hope for the best.

As of last week, this situation has changed. Now the results look like this:

scholar vi.PNG

With the “Full Text @ Your Library” link, we can now access all three articles straight from the search page. Just log in with your Oakwood ID and password, and you should be good to go.

If you can’t see any “Full Text @ Your Library” links, try enabling them this way.

First, go to, and click on “Settings.”

scholar i

Then click on “Library links.”

scholar ii

Type “Oakwood University” into the search box, and select it when it comes up.

scholar iii.PNG

After clicking “Save,” you should be able to view “Full Text @ Your Library” links.

As always, feel free to let us know in the comments if you’re unable to make this work.

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Happy National Poetry Month!

Our April newsletter is up — and with it, some ideas about celebrating National Poetry Month. You can catch the main article below, or print out the newsletter here.



Many thanks to our friends at NOAA and Wikimedia Commons for the image.