For Faculty

Are your students asking you to explain Turabian? Are you looking for materials your students can use in their projects? Do you need help finding articles and books for your own research?

The Eva B. Dykes isn’t just for students — it’s for faculty and staff, too. Here’s a partial list of the services the library can provide for you:

  • Ordering and/or holding textbooks, other books, media materials, articles, and other resources you want students to have access to.
  • Coming to your class to teach them about reading articles, doing research, using databases, evaluating trustworthy sources, using citation guides and software, and other topics.
  • Developing LibGuides to keep materials for individual departments, majors, and classes in one easily accessible place.
  • Providing projectors, screens, media materials, and classroom space for your courses.
  • … and much more!

Interested in contacting your library liaison for more information? Click here to see the list of librarians and their assigned departments.


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